CNG Virtual Pipeline in Tulsa, OK

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A Brief Description of Virtual Pipelines

A virtual pipeline is an alternative to conventional conduits for distributing natural gas. Instead of an extensive piping network, it uses trucks and other transportation methods to deliver compressed natural gas, or CNG, to its destination.

Mobile CNG pipelines provide consumers a stable and affordable fuel source even in remote locations, challenging terrain, or areas without gas grid infrastructure.

When Do You Need a Virtual CNG Pipeline?

A virtual pipeline in Tulsa, Oklahoma, becomes necessary in the following situations.

  • Temporary Supply: Construction projects require electricity on-site, and the most cost-effective way to have power on location is through a mobile pipeline. It provides clean energy for temporary usage.
  • Fuel Security: Ensure you have sufficient fuel even during peak demand with virtual CNG pipelines on your project site.
  • Emergency: If you are connected to the electrical grid, power outages are inevitable. Don’t let service interruptions slow down operations; use mobile pipelines for backup power

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Rawhide Leasing has the equipment for the job. Our fleet of high-pressure, high-volume CNG transportation trailers will deliver natural gas to your job site in Tulsa when you need it.

Moreover, our sturdy containers can safely store compressed gas, so you don’t have to worry about using your supply immediately. We also provide on-site decompression for your convenience.

If you have further questions about our industry-leading CNG transportation services, our experts are ready to assist you.

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