Mobile CNG Virtual Pipeline Services

Are you looking for mobile CNG Virtual Pipeline services? Rawhide Leasing provides excellent mobile CNG services to meet your needs.

What Are Mobile CNG Virtual Pipelines?

Using compressed natural gas (CNG) means you must have a connection to the pipelines or a storage facility large enough to satisfy your requirements. But if you don’t have access to either, don’t worry—you can still have a steady supply of CNG.

Virtual pipelines are an excellent alternative. Service providers will transport and deliver CNG to the site in high-capacity, pressurized cylinders, allowing consumers to use the gas without requiring storage facilities and infrastructure.

Why Choose CNG Virtual Pipelines?

Mobile pipelines directly connect consumers to natural gas sources through extensive road networks instead of comprehensive infrastructure like pipes. With these, facilities and businesses located far from existing gas distribution networks can still have CNG.

Virtual pipelines are the most cost-effective solution to construction companies working on the project site when they temporarily need CNG for remote power generation, support for blackouts, peak demand fuel security, fuel supply, and other purposes.

Moreover, mobile CNG pipelines let businesses largely save on capital expenditures as there’s no need to build storage and distribution infrastructure to have natural gas.

We Have the Right Equipment

For mobile pipelines to work, you need dependable transportation facilities. Rawhide Leasing can help you achieve this.

Our fleet of CNG transport trailers can safely handle high-capacity, pressurized cylinders. Rest assured you’re getting the right amount of natural gas at the correct pressure, even for long distances. We also have smaller-sized equipment, ideal for smaller projects and shorter distances.   

Since our CNG containers are sealed and insulated, you no longer have to worry about proper storage.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out—our team of experts will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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