Renewable Natural Gas Production

Renewable energy comes from constantly replenishing natural sources or processes. Since it is essentially inexhaustible, it is available in abundant quantities. Wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower are the most common sources, but renewable natural gas provides an increasingly popular alternative.

Benefits of Renewable Natural Gas

Natural gas as renewable energy is sourced through decomposing organic matter. When biodegradable waste breaks down, it produces biogas. Because methane is a significant component of this biogas, it can then be processed into pipeline-quality natural gas, similar to fossil natural gas.  

 Renewable natural gas provides many benefits not just for the environment but for your energy supply and the community, too.

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When organic waste decomposes, it releases methane into the atmosphere. Capturing and repurposing methane into natural gas can cut down harmful emissions that negatively impact the environment and cause global warming.  

Replaces Traditional Fuel

Renewable natural gas is a clean energy alternative to diesel, oil, and coal. It can generate power for homes and businesses, but it can also be a fossil fuel substitute for vehicles. Switching to renewable natural gas minimizes carbon footprint for cleaner air.  

Provides a Steady Supply

Solar and wind are irregular energy sources as they depend on the weather and time of day. Unlike them, natural gas as renewable energy is always available, making it a reliable source.   

Improves Waste Management

Repurposing waste to produce natural gas minimizes the risk of run-offs into nearby waterways and prevents groundwater contamination

How Natural Gas Is Transported

Conveying natural gas across long distances in its original state is not possible. But when liquefied or compressed, transporting it becomes easy and safe.

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