LNG Pipeline Transportation

For safe, reliable LNG transportation, contact Rawhide Leasing. We deploy mobile LNG solutions to any project location via our mobile LNG transportation pipeline trailers. Each of our tankers is well equipped to handle both large and small transportation projects. Contact us today to learn more!

LNG Equipment

Below is a list of the LNG transportation equipment we provide. Please note that our fleet changes frequently. Please contact us to ensure we have the trailer or equipment you’re looking for.

LNG Transport

Our LNG Transport trailer is a perfect choice for smaller projects as it features an LNG capacity of 10,000 gallons. Each of our containers is built to ensure the natural gas is stored at the right temperature and pressure until it’s ready for use. Additionally, all of our equipment is made from durable, weather-proof materials designed to withstand the elements and ensure safe transportation.

LNG Queen

Our largest LNG transportation trailer features an LNG capacity of 16,000 gallons and a tare weight of 39,500 lbs, making it an ideal choice for larger projects. It features the same top safety features as our LNG Transport—meaning you can stay focused on completing projects rather than worrying about safety.

ISO LNG Containers

Suitable for projects with longer hold times, our ISO LNG containers have an LNG capacity of 10,000 gallons. Rugged, long-lasting, and durable construction combined with a highly efficient insulation system ensures natural gas is properly stored until it’s ready for use.

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No matter which of our LNG transportation pipeline trailers or containers you’re interested in, our team of experts is happy to assist you. Contact us today to book your reservation or ask us additional questions about our equipment.