Commercial Virtual Gas Pipeline Services

Portable commercial gas pipelines are essential to energy companies. When looking for reliable equipment to set up your pipelines, turn to Rawhide Leasing. We are experts in ensuring your natural gas transportation needs are met with our extensive fleet of CNG or LNG trailers and high-volume storage tanks.

What Is a Virtual Gas Pipeline?

Virtual gas pipelines are an excellent alternative to the conventional distribution network of physical pipes. They convey natural gas—compressed or liquefied—through various transportation methods.

 Rawhide Leasing operates a diverse fleet of high-pressure trailers and liquid tankers capable of safely storing and delivering natural gas anywhere in the US. Besides equipment, we also have the expertise to tailor solutions according to your mobile pipeline requirements.

Benefits of Virtual Commercial Gas Pipelines

As an energy company, there are many advantages to including portable pipelines in your current infrastructure.

Extends the Distribution Network

Virtual pipelines expand the reach of your fuel supply, especially to remote locations, areas with difficult terrains, and sparsely populated places. Constructing the necessary infrastructure for these can be capital-intensive.  

By using existing roadways to transport natural gas, your distribution network can extend farther than possible with conventional pipelines.

Ensures Stable Fuel Supply

Weather disturbances and other natural events can easily disrupt fuel supply, resulting in the spiking of prices. Avoid such costly repercussions with a mobile commercial gas pipeline that allows you to store fuel on-site and have enough backup resources to meet the demand.  

Improves Cost Efficiency

With virtual pipelines, only get the volume you need at a certain time. Add capacity when there is an expected peak in demand, but quickly reduce operating costs when there’s none. Scaling up or down your operations is easy and cost-efficient.  

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Natural gas is a form of clean energy. It is an excellent, environment-friendly substitute for diesel, oil, and coal as fuel. Minimize emissions through virtual gas pipelines for power generation. 

Get Your Commercial Virtual Gas Pipeline Going Today

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