Why Your Business Could Use Cryogenic Storage Tanks

When industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and helium are liquefied and kept at low temperatures, they become cryogenic liquids. In this state, they are much easier to transport and store in insulated containers for later use. Cryogenic storage tanks are specially designed to withstand extreme and rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for holding cryogenic liquids.

What Are Cryogenic Storage Tanks?

Cryogenic temperature is -238°F (-150°C) or lower. Cryogenic storage tanks are capable of safely storing and transporting materials at this temperature under high pressure. 

Commercially available cryogenic liquid storage vessels come in various shapes and sizes to fulfill customer requirements. They commonly include three basic components, namely the inner pressure vessel, outer vessel, and insulation. 

The high amount of energy stored in compressed gases and cryogenic liquids could result in a massive explosion if a tank fails. Therefore, cryogenic storage tank manufacturers are expected to follow strict industry standards and safety regulations. 

How Cryogenic Storage Can Benefit You

Cryogenic storage tanks are one of the safest means of delivering and storing perishable and highly volatile materials (such as human tissue, stem cells, and industrial gases) until you are ready to use them. With this storage option, you can expand your supply chain, making your business less susceptible to fluctuating market prices.

Industries that utilize cryogenic tank containers include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Medical institutions
  • Energy
  • Food and beverage
  • Water treatment
  • Electronics
  • Research and development

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