Off-Grid Natural Gas for Power Generators

Are you responsible for a worksite or living in an off-grid community? Consider purchasing an off-grid natural gas power generator to meet your energy demands. Here’s a brief overview of how it works and the benefits it may bring to your project or house.

How Off-Grid Natural Gas Works

In an off-grid gas supply chain, your power generator’s fuel is delivered through a portable pipeline. Instead of building a conventional pipelinewhich costs a significant amount of money to construct and maintain, and can adversely affect the surrounding environmentyou’ll have a network of tankers and trailers to transport the gas to your location.


Check our FAQs to learn more about the equipment and processes involved in supplying your off-grid natural gas. 

Why Have Off-Grid Gas-Powered Generators?

Off-grid power generators can serve as supplementary energy sources if something goes wrong with the main power system. For instance, if your site relies mainly on solar or wind-powered electricity, the power generator can provide power during cloudy or windless days or when these systems need routine maintenance or repairs. 

Considerations When Using an Off-grid Power Generator

Some factors to consider when getting a natural gas-powered generator include: 


An off-grid generator needs to be able to provide power for hundreds of hours before it needs servicing. This helps you stay cost-efficient as you can continue your operations with minimal disruptions. 


As natural gas is a flammable fuel source, it’ll need a secure storage area to prevent leaks. Your supply chain provider should also have safety measures in place to ensure that the gas reaches your off-grid location without any issues. 

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