Virtual Industrial Gas Pipeline in Sacramento, CA

If you’re looking for a provider of a reliable virtual pipeline in Sacramento, California, reach out to Rawhide Leasing. Our team of experts will discuss the details of your project and help you get the right solution for your needs.

What Is a Virtual Pipeline?

A virtual pipeline is a modular system of distributing industrial gas via existing roadways. It is a more cost-effective and better alternative to the conventional delivery method through an underground and extensive piping network, particularly in remote locations or areas with rough terrain.

With virtual pipelines, consumers who had no prior access to natural gas can have a stable supply without the high capital expenditure of building long-term infrastructure to distribute and store the fuel.

What Are Its Uses?

California’s capital city does not lack natural gas utility providers, so it’s fairly easy to have a connection anytime. However, there are instances when you’ll need a virtual pipeline in Sacramento.

Generate Power Remotely

Some construction projects will take you to remote areas, giving you few options for efficient power generation. With virtual CNG pipelines, you can have clean, renewable energy anywhere in the city.

Ensure Fuel Supply

When construction is in full swing, the demand for electricity inevitably spikes. Virtual pipelines can store CNG for long periods, ensuring you have enough fuel on-site to minimize the risk of power interruptions.

Provide Support During Outages

With portable gas pipelines, emergency outages won’t slow down your progress. Get work done on-site, even when there’s a widespread blackout.  

Why Partner with Us

Rawhide Leasing is a widely trusted virtual pipeline provider with numerous mobile facilities for industrial gas in Sacramento, CA. We have a fleet of high-volume, high-pressure CNG transportation trailers capable of traveling to your job site anywhere in the state’s capital city. If you have specific requirements, we can fabricate equipment to fit your project needs. 

Click here to view our locations, but don’t hesitate to call us if your area isn’t on the list yet. We can still set up a portable pipeline on your project site.

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