LNG Virtual Pipeline in Salt Lake City, UT

If you are looking for a reliable Liquified Natural Gas or LNG virtual pipeline in Salt Lake City, Utah, contact Rawhide Leasing to discuss project needs. Our team offers expert advice on mobile gas pipeline solutions to meet your requirements. 

What Are LNG Virtual Pipelines?

In its original state, natural gas can only be conveyed through pipelines, limiting its number of end-users. But when liquefied, it becomes transportable via tankers and trailers and available to more consumers. This is where virtual pipelines come in.

A mobile or virtual LNG pipeline is a network of containers, trucks, and regulation equipment for distributing and transporting natural gas to remote locations or areas without access to fuel supply or gas grid infrastructure.

Uses of Portable LNG Pipelines in Salt Lake City, UT

Concert and sporting events, construction projects, disaster relief, and mining are among some of the users of LNG virtual pipelines in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here’s why:

Power Generation

With virtual pipelines, you’ll have immediate access to electricity wherever your project site is located. It’s the most cost-effective solution when you need a temporary power supply.

Fuel Replacement

Switch to clean energy when replacing diesel, propane, and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) with LNG as a fuel for power generation. Besides lowering your carbon footprint, LNG is relatively cheaper than other fuel options, saving you money. 

Supply Security

Ensure your site has enough power supply amidst peak demand operations with safely stored LNG on standby.

Support for Outages

Planned and emergency outages won’t bog down site operations when you have ready-to-use natural gas in the mobile pipelines.

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 As the leading provider of mobile energy solutions, we have an extensive fleet of LNG transportation trailers for deployment to any project location. We offer full-service turnkey execution for on-demand, uninterrupted natural gas supply.

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