LNG Virtual Pipeline in Wyoming

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Mobile LNG Virtual Pipelines

Natural gas has typically been consumed near its extraction site because of the challenges associated with transporting it. But when liquefied, distributing it to end-users located far from the site has become possible, more so with mobile pipelines.

 Portable LNG pipelines serve as alternatives to the conventional distribution network normally composed of laid-out lines. They are modular systems largely consisting of satellite stations and cryogenic trailers to transport and deliver natural gas almost anywhere. 

Why LNG Mobile Pipelines Are Essential in Wyoming

With virtual pipelines in Wyoming, users in remote locations, rough terrains, or areas without access to physical gas lines benefit the most. They have a steady supply of energy sans the costly, complex infrastructure.

Although Wyoming is a leading producer of natural gas, connection to the public grid is not always an option or possible. Here are a few examples of such situations.

Generate Power

Some project sites are located in far-flung places. Instead of constructing temporary facilities for power supply, a mobile pipeline may be the better, more cost-effective solution as an electricity source.

Serve as Backup

Establishing a portable LNG pipeline in Wyoming is one way to have backup power during emergencies and scheduled outages. Continue working and finish targets on time when you have readily available fuel.

Ensure Fuel Security

Without a connection to the physical pipelines, your power supply on-site is unstable. Ensure you have enough fuel for sudden peak demands with virtual pipelines’ storage facilities.

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