LNG Virtual Pipeline in Houston, TX

If your project or work location is not getting the natural gas supply it needs from your local energy providers, find out how you can tap into our LNG virtual pipeline in Houston. We can bring the fuel required by your work anywhere in the Houston area. You don’t have to be near a standard pipeline to fuel your project.

What is a Virtual Pipeline?

A liquid natural gas (LNG) virtual pipeline transports natural gas to locations far from physical pipelines. We cut transportation costs by bringing higher volumes of fuel to your site, even in remote areas.

LNG is natural gas that has been liquified by cooling it to -260°F. This reduces its volume to 1/600 of the original so that we can transport that much more to you. Once the natural gas reaches its destination, it is returned to its original, expanded state on-site with the necessary equipment, so it’s available to power your project.

Why Choose an LNG Pipeline in Houston, TX?

Virtual pipelines solve energy issues for hard-to-reach and specialized locations. Physical pipelines are limited in their scope of service. Transporting natural gas in its typical state is cumbersome and expensive.

Our LNG virtual pipeline in Houston and the surrounding area allows you to get the fuel you need to advance your work. Whether you are in an isolated area far from a pipeline or need more fuel than is readily available, you can get what you need from our virtual pipeline.

Tap into Our Virtual Pipeline in Houston, TX

If you would like to learn more about LNG virtual pipelines, or if you are ready to request our services in the Houston area, contact Rawhide Leasing. Our expert team will reach out to talk about your gas requirements and locations. We serve the entire Houston area and can tailor our services to your specifications. Contact us today!