LNG Virtual Pipeline in Dallas, TX

If your energy supplies in the Dallas area are insufficient or unreliable, then our virtual LNG pipeline in Dallas could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You can get the energy you need no matter where you are.

What is an LNG virtual pipeline? It is an innovative way to get natural gas supplies to locations not sufficiently served by standard pipelines. LNG stands for liquid natural gas. In this process, natural gas is cooled to -260°F. This liquefies the gas, which then occupies 1/600 of its previous volume, allowing it to be transported directly to your site in cryogenic containers.

The liquified gas is regasified on-site and ready to meet your energy needs.

Are you looking for LNG virtual pipeline services in the Dallas, TX area? Contact Rawhide Leasing, and our expert team will reach out to discuss your project!

Why LNG?

Liquid natural gas is transforming the energy delivery sector. LNG meets your energy needs in an affordable way for isolated locations in need of sufficient and consistent energy supplies.

No longer do you have to be located near an expensive traditional pipeline. LNG means you can get the energy you need, wherever you might be.

Get Your LNG Pipeline in Dallas, TX

Rawhide Leasing has the equipment to meet the needs of any job site. We safely and economically transport LNG to you so it can be regasified and ready for use. You don’t have to pay high transport costs or worry about your proximity to a physical pipeline again.

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