CNG Virtual Pipeline in Phoenix, AZ

Did you know that significant natural gas reserves are non-existent in Arizona? CNG pipelines are clearly the way to go in the Grand Canyon State.

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How Do Virtual Pipelines Work?

Compressed natural gas or CNG requires piping infrastructure for fast, efficient distribution. However, not everyone has access to a physical network—this is where virtual pipelines come in handy.

Virtual pipelines directly connect construction sites to natural gas sources without the need for conduits. Their infrastructure involves a modular system consisting of gas pipelines and trailers—the latter transporting and delivering CNG to the intended destination.

With a virtual pipeline, you also don’t need to establish separate storage for natural gas. Service providers leave the pressurized container on site until the next delivery.

When Do You Need Them?

Although there are plenty of natural gas companies in the state, below are a few situations when a virtual pipeline in Phoenix, Arizona, is an excellent solution. 

Remote Location

When the construction project takes you to a remote area or at the city’s outskirts, you may be a good distance away from the nearest public gas grid. Since so much of Arizona is undeveloped desert, this applies to a lot of the state. Have a steady source of CNG for emergency blackouts and power generation with virtual pipelines.

Temporary Usage

Construction projects are only temporary. It is not practical to install permanent piping infrastructure onsite, only to abandon it after completing the project. 

Save on Costs

It makes more financial sense to rely on virtual pipelines as they do not require significant capital outlay to have readily available natural gas.

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If you’re considering a CNG virtual pipeline in Phoenix, Arizona, Rawhide Leasing can be your trusted partner.

We have an extensive fleet of CNG transportation trailers with varying storage capacities and pressure levels so that you can choose the right equipment for your needs. No matter the size or location of your project, we can provide you with the best virtual pipeline facility.

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