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Rawhide Field Service

Rawhide Field Services has grown from demand in the industry. Initial inquiries from contractors with a need for supplemental gas and gas handling developed into conversations where it was determined that they were not prepared to handle all of the details necessary to complete the project. The contractors would then request that Rawhide manage the gas portion of the project on a “turnkey” basis.

We are very proud of our successes in Field Service. Contact Rawhide to discuss your project and let us develop a solution for you.

Fueling – Oil Drill Rig and Fracking sites have begun to convert their diesel drive generators to dual-fuel or CNG. Rawhide is participating in fueling in the Eagle Ford Shale

Gas Line Interrupts – When there is a need to interrupt gas flow to make a repair or replace equipment yet continue to flow gas downstream of the interrupt, Rawhide is able to provide the solution. We have supplied communities, individual manufacturing plants and institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Purging – In the case that there is a pipeline, tank or storage vessel that needs to be purged to an inert atmosphere Rawhide is able to provide all equipment and manpower to complete the task.

Peak Shavings – Gas Utility Companies use the term “peak shavings” to describe the practice of supplementing excessive demand with product from a secondary source. Rawhide has supported these requirements with both CNG and LNG

Pipeline Pigging – Utility companies and pipeline owners are required to inspect and clean their pipelines. Rawhide supports pigging operations with high pressure gas to push the pig in a dry pipeline.