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There are various ways to transport the trailers. You can use your tractor and driver, or Rawhide can set up the delivery and collection. Trailer transport costs are the responsibility of the company renting or leasing the trailer.
Our primary yard is located in Robbins, CA with a satellite yard in Phoenix, AZ.
Once you lease the trailer, you can purchase gas wherever you want. On short term leases and especially with methane, Rawhide is able to source the product and bill you.
If it is a project, we quote based on the equipment required, the location, the duration of the job, the volume of product and the manpower and transportation costs.
Rawhide will rent on a month to month for short term and we will write leases for specific periods of one through five years.
If you are only renting a trailer, we usually rent for a minimum of one month with the rent paid in advance. If you want to continue the rent after the first month we will continue to billing until the trailer is returned.  
Go to the contact page, find the phone number and call Ken, Tom, or Walt. Be ready to provide the type of gas, the volume of gas required for the job or project, how long you will want to lease the trailer and where the trailer is to be delivered.