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Rawhide Leasing owns and maintains over 60 high pressure tube trailers. These trailers are available in many different sizes and configurations designed to meet your needs in transporting industrial gases or hydrocarbons. We have trailers with a capacity as low as 12,000 cu ft up to ten tube jumbos carrying in the range of 170,000 cu ft.

Rawhide has responded to the increased activity in hydrogen and compressed natural gas by buying trailers from American manufacturers and buying tubes and building our own trailers at our facility in Robbins, CA.

Rawhide also leases gas compressors, vaporizers, cryogenic tankers and regulation trailers. Our compressors range from 125 scfm to 1,000 scfm. Vaporizers include both ambient air and gas fired boilers, ambient air vaporizers to 100,000 cfh, gas fired vaporizers to 400,000 cfh and regulation trailers that regulate gas flow from a full trailer to working pressure combined with an ambient air vaporizer provides flows of 30,000 cfh. Our cryogenic trailers run in sizes of 1,800 gallon, 3,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon.

Check out our gallery to view pictures of our equipment.