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Store and Transport

Rawhide Leasing is your Solution Provider for storing and transporting compressed and liquid gases. Rawhide’s fleet of high pressure tube trailers, liquid tankers and ground storage are available to satisfy requirements for atmospheric and hydro-carbon gases and fuels. With special emphasis on hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG).

100% Full Service

Rawhide Leasing owns and maintains over 60 high pressure tube trailers. These trailers are available in many different sizes and configurations designed to meet your needs in transporting industrial gases or hydrocarbons. If you do not see the trailer you need, please contact us about a trailer Fabrication.

Our Equipment

Rawhide Leasing Company maintains a fleet of more than 60 high pressure tube trailers used in the transportation and storage of inert, reactive, electronic, specialty and hydrocarbon gases. The equipment fleet also includes regulation trailers, vaporizers, cryogenic gas trailers and compressors.

National Coverage

Rawhide Trailers are licensed and ready for operation in all fifty states with headquarters in Napa, CA and facilities in Robbins, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Rawhide Leases Equipment! If we don’t have what you are looking for, let’s talk! We can buy equipment specific for your job and set up a lease to meet your requirements.

Rawhide has more than thirty high pressure tube trailers ranging in size from 12,000 scf to 160,000 scf. All trailers meet DOT specifications, are properly licensed and insured. Some trailers are designated for hydro-carbon service and some are dedicated to inert service. We strive to meet the needs of the customer in size, service and location. We stage our trailers in Robbins, CA and Phoenix AZ. We do our best to minimize the mileage from our base to the customer.
Rawhide builds their own regulation trailers. Our trailers are capable of delivering gas within a very narrow range from 2,900 psi down to water column inches.
Vaporizers are simply heat exchangers. We need to keep the gas warm enough to suit delivery requirements without freezing regulators. We offer ambient air vaporizers capable of 15,000 scfh and a hot water boiler system that can deliver up to 400,000 scfh.
Rawhide owns and leases smaller Hurricane type compressors capable of 125 cfm to the large ANGI capable of 1,000 cfm. These compressors can be operated by the customer once the customer personnel have gone through training or, Rawhide will operate them for the duration of the job. These compressors are fueled by natural gas and in most cases can be fueled from the existing pipeline on site.

If you do not see the equipment you need here, let us know. We are a leasing company, we buy equipment for lease. You tell us what you need, we will do what we can. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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